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The type of vegetarian that constantly tells meat eaters that they are killing themselves, doing a horrible thing, going against "god's will", and just about any bad thing they can come up with, for eating meat. They are often under the delusion that anything is healthier than meat, and that humans are built to be nothing but herbivores, and seem to have a life goal of turning every person they meet into a vegetarian. Most have no knowledge of anatomy, and believe that every piece of meat is 100% fat.
Veginazi: Wow, you eating a lump of fat there? You're going to have a heart attack when you finish that piece of steak. You killed an animal to eat that, too. God will hate you, humans aren't meant to eat meat.

Normal person: Since when was this your choice?

Veginazi: You're going to die. Meat is horrible. You're making me feel sick by eating meat in front of me, that should be illegal. Meat should be illegal. I hope you die.
by HintHint March 30, 2013
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