An individual who is not a vegetarian and who does eat meat, but who aspires to ensuring he or she does not eat meat or dairy products which could be considered as harmful to the environment or cause unnecessary suffering to animals. The most obvious diet of a veggievore would be free range eggs (ensuring no battery hens are involve in the production of the eggs) and the free range counterpart of meat.

A veggievore cares enough for animals to make an informed choice on purchasing decisions, refusing to pay for cheaper substitutes which inevitably are products of mistreated and suffering animals, but does not believe that the consumption of meat goes against their beliefs.

A veggievore and carnivore is akin to the relationship between a vegetarian and a vegan. A veggievore smooths the transition from vegetarian who eats no meat, to a full blown human carnivore who eats meat and animal products but has no interest into the source of the animal products he or she consumes.
A veggievore may be a stepping stone from human carnivore to vegetarianism allowing an individual to make the transition with more ease.
Dominic wasnt sure if he wanted to be a vegetarian, however he had heard that becoming a veggievore would allow him to continue to eat meat, but have a much more active interest in where the animal products he consumed came from ensuring a more informed decision inline with his beliefs on the treatment of animals.
by Xan82 September 2, 2008
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