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An Emo, an Emo who is so profoundly emotional and intelligent, he/she cannot comprehend condemning an innocent animal to a lifetime of abuse,suffering and death.
And condemning their self to a fat heart,obesity,high blood pressure,diabetes, ect

An all round kool person.
Emo No.1: ''Did you know that Jared Leto refuses to eat meat?''
Emo No.2: ''Why?''
Emo No.1: ''He's a VeggieMo.''
Emo No.2: ''A what?''
Emo No.1: '' He's so emotional he hate's animal suffering, which is exactly what factory farming is.''
Emo.No2: ''Maybe we should go veggieMo?''.
Emo.No1: ''I already have''
Emo.No2. ''I'll join ya''.
by Ava1987 May 22, 2009
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