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The art of constructing body parts, in particular the human genitalia, breasts and/or buttocks, out of various fruits and vegetables.

2011 - Modern English, in the parlance of our times; VEGE from 1350–1400; Middle English (adj.) < Late Latin vegetābilis able to live and grow, PLASTI from 1625–35; 1900–10 for def. 1; < Latin plasticus that may be molded < Greek plastikós, GENETALIA from 1875–80; < Latin genitālia, neuter plural of genitālis genital

—Related forms
ve·ge·plas·ti·gen·i·ta·li·al, adjective
ve·ge·plas·ti·gen·i·ta·li·al·ist, noun
1) "Nice cock-cumber! That's going in the collection for future vegeplastigenetalia."

2) "My university major is vegeplastigenitalia and its rich history."

2) "Over here you will find a perfect replica, albeit proper skin tones, of the gorgeous reproductive unit of the English monarch King Henry VIII. One can note the proper canon of proportion being upheld between the onions used for testicles and the zucchini used for the phallus. It is, truly, a magnificent piece of vegeplastigenetalia!"
by roritor March 04, 2011
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