The sickness you come down with while in Vegas because you’re partying way too hard. Rumored to effect away hockey teams coming to visit the Vegas Golden Knights. Even the most professional hockey players enjoy their vices.
Earlier in the season, the Winnipeg Jets opted to arrive in Vegas a full three days before their game with the Golden Knights. All Jets players caught the Vegas flu and come gameday they were crushed 5-2.

"When we go into a city, we have a routine. Get in. Put your stuff down. Change. Go to dinner. Hang out with the guys. Come back. Watch some TV. But here, there are a few more things to do. Maybe you do some little thing that just throws your clock off. It doesn't take much. And we'll take anything that throws you off of your game." - Nate Schmidt, VGK Defenseman
by Reginlief May 25, 2018
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The effect playing the Vegas Golden Knights at home has on nearly every visiting team.
The Los Angeles Kings can't win in Nevada due to the Vegas Flu.
by Fhdogs January 25, 2018
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The virus you pick up on the plane ride home from Las Vegas due to the late night drinking, smoking, and partying that has compromised your immune system.
That dude sneezing in the seat behind me most definitely just knocked me out of commission for the next week with the Vegas Flu.
by Toddavid November 13, 2013
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