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Cause - going to Las Vegas and getting crazy fucked up and/or doing any of the following while there; drinking scotch from the cookie of Katie, 6 bottles 2 hours at the Bank, eating soil (who eats soil?), snacking on 2 day old cream cheese that was not refrigerated.

Symptoms - cold or hot sweats that may smell of alcohol, general all over body ache, hot congested chest, aching throat, coughing or hacking with mysterious saliva color, crazy colored poop, mysterious bruises and cuts, fatigue, massive headache, fever, constant challenge to those around you to Ro Sham for a dollar, tipping for everything you do, and a general feeling of death.
I went to Vegas and got ridiculously crazy with the coolest crew ever. I'm now home and feel like I got the Vegas Death Plague.
by Goof T June 01, 2009
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