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Vegan Active is a former commercial name or so I'm informed that has now impractically become a household names is based on the Vegan Group values of no fuck, inNOWAYSion, VALUE FOR YOUR SUGAR MOMMY and exercise including waiting for veg from unsuspecting animals as weight training - applied to a revolutionary motto of not hurting vegetables, since we do not give you carrots, but rather withold studs and carrots, that's why we pride ourselves in being Vegan Active
I could not help but joining as I felt so sorry anout Sir Riach and as if that isn't bad nough still bein held for ransom. Joined up hpoing to meet somone handsome after rading CONvincing ad, Our mission is to help bring positive change to peoples’ lives. Join one of Vegan Active’s many health clubs throughout United Kingdom and Get Changed.
'tis so true, 'cause after I went to Vegan Active I went to the changing room and DID get changed.
by Hercolena Oliver May 02, 2008
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