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Veerani is a very strong and admiring person. A Veerani is great to have as a best friend as they will not let you down and always give their best to you. Once you get to know a Veerani, you will look up to then and always want to be like them. A Veerani will be an introvert in most cases. They may be a little rude once in a while but when you know them they will be the best people to tag along with you. Sometimes, they can be very violent and abusive in terms of verbal and physical. But a Veerani is always good by heart. If you find a Veerani, don't let go of them, as they will bring happiness and prosperity in your life. A Veerani will always bring out the best in you.
Anna: Dude, she is SUCH a bitch. God, why does everyone even like her?
Eden : No, She's a veerani. Thats why everyone likes her.
by Klejmes May 01, 2018
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