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A "Vee Boy" or "Virtual Boy" is a form of style that brings back Retro into modern times. These phrases are from the styles of a Virtual or futuristic style which was thought in the eighties. This term was used by Kanye West and Cobra Starship to show a futuristic style of outfits and music.

As of today most of the Vee Boys reside in California but have also been seen in regions of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Although they are from different parts of the U.S and have little differences among them, they still share the love of music and styles. It always has been California that started this trend but was just thought to be a style of the week for surfers. When it quickly reached the East coast, people knew it was more than a trend it was a lifestyle.

A Vee boy usually has "Shutter Shades" or "Grater Shades" on as well as wearing off the wall or neon colors. They like old school styles with a newer concept, they also add little flares to their outfits with rhinestones, patches, buttons, markers and make their outfits their own. They love bright colors, bandanas and hats.
"yo check out that Vee Boy"

"damn looks like he jumped out of an 80's music video!"
by PoPCulture042 July 07, 2009
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