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(noun) A person with an absolute zeal for a particular subject. This passion is infectious, and compels this person to meet EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the planet to tell them about it. Literally.

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GUY #1:
Man, I just got done running two miles.

GUY #2:
Dude, that's great! But...I'm confused. You sit behind your computer all day long updating your Twitter updates and adding Facebook events. In fact, I've never seen you actually leave your apartment. (thinks) That's sort of disturbing actually.

GUY #1:
Well, I saw this guy speak about how your brain actually rewards you physiologically when you exercise. He wasn't like those other fitness turds who make you feel subhuman for having more than 10% body fat. He just wanted everyone to feel good. I'm thinking I might just keep it up.

GUY #2:
That guy must have been quite the Vaynerchuck.
by @michellegreer July 21, 2008
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