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Vayden is a rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. According to lead singer Curtis Casey, "Our music sound is everything you've ever imagined yet nothing you’ve ever heard."
The band got its start in 2002—using the name Simplfy—after Curtis Casey met Bruce Weitz at a music store where Weitz taught drum lessons. Bill Delrieu, Rob Robbins, and Vitor Weber joined the band soon after. In 2003, their self-titled album was also released.

In 2004, Weitz's son, Vayden, was killed in a car accident. Not long after, Weber left the band for personal reasons. In 2005, the band's name was changed to Vayden in honor of the child. In 2006, the album Children of Our Mistakes was produced with the assistance of Ryan Greene.

In 2007, Delrieu also left the band for personal reasons, followed by Robbins, who left because of a back injury. They were replaced by Jason Salomone and Armin Peterson. In February 2008, Vayden was signed on with Silent Majority Group, a label distributed through the Warner Independent Label Group. Vayden continues to have a strong following of fans as it tours across USA. In 2008, a remixed and remastered version of Children of Our Mistakes was released as a digital download.
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