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This is a gangsta name. Just repeat it to yourself about five times and you can feel the fear circulate throughout your body. This O.G. killed both his parents when he was six just to sell their organs for new school outfits. At the peak of his criminal carrer, he ran into a club screamin' "I GET MY SHIT FOR FREE!" and when the bartender refused, he inserted his foot into their ring piece. Now, very calm and none gangsta. But be carefull, he can and will strike at anytime...Biotch.
After movin' dem bricks Vaugn chilled in his white tee while fuckin up a throwback. G-A-N-G-S-T-A!
by Luke69 September 25, 2004
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This is the original writer of the number one hit single Black Tee. Once while he was chillin on the corner of Tron some crazy mofos tried to rob him of the brick he was holdin. But he handled that real quick, he pulled out his AK-47 with his 2-11 and fucked-them-up! Instead of bullets he had ammunition of chess pieces. Everytime he kills he leaves a sticker on their bodies that says "CHECKMATE!" Don't mess with him!
Yo son I heard this cat pulled a Vaugn Allen on this nigga!
by Trick Ass Mark March 27, 2005
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