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A member of the social network Facebook who posts vauge and sometimes cryptic statuses on their wall. This is commonly used as a ploy to elicit comments from other fellow facebook users. This choice of ambiguity is often associated with one of the following:

1) Their status is something highly personal and just want some words of encouragement or endearment from their peers.

2) Their page has had little to no action in the past few days so they might as well put something that will get a response from someone since none of their other statuses have been appealing to anyone.

3) They have a pathological need for attention and as such are not able to function unless they find a way to get that attention.
OMG did you see Mary's status today? It said, 'Whats done is done. And thats all there is to it'. Do you know what see was talking about? She is being such a Vaugebooker!
by Emosewaosmai July 20, 2010
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