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Vato Loco Boyz (Also known as "VLBs", "Spanish Disciples", "SDs" or "Loco Boyz") is a criminal street gang from Wichita, Kansas whose main hood is the northside of Wichita, although members can be found all throughout the city. VLBs are the largest latin gang in Wichita. The majority of this street gang is Mexican but also has quite a few whites, blacks, and native members. Their main rivals are "Surenos" (From the "Lopers" set) from the Plaineview area which is located on the southside of Wichita. Other known rivals include "Playerz For Life" aka. PFLs, and "Northside Gangstaz" aka NSGs, who share the northside of town with the Vato Loco Boyz. Their colors are black & white. Symbols include the devil's pitchork, the star of david, the number "22" and the three pointed crown. Commonly associated with the Gangster Disciples aka GDs (Chicago Folks based gang).
Jose: "What's up fool? let's go to the the northside and get some tacos from that one spot on 21st street."
Beto: "Nah fool, there's too many "Vato Loco Boyz" over there ese. I don't have my gun on me either. I hate them and those pinche mayates fool!"
by WichitaInfoHub June 14, 2018
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