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The final stage of a hollows evolution according to the manga Bleach written by Tite Kubo.Most of what a Vasto Lorde is described by the character Toshiro Hitsugaya.A Vasto Lorde is considered to be the strongest form of a hollow and are low in numbers.It is said that 10 Vasto Lorde have the potention to take over the Soul Society.They are said to look humanoid and are more powerful than that of a regular captain.It is unclear what type of powers they posses and have yet to show up in the series.Their have been speculation that Kurosaki Ichigo's hollow form that defeated Ulquiorra may be considered a Vasto Lorde form but is yet to be determined.
Toshiro Hitsugaya,"...and then the third class is the Vasto Lorde.They're the greatest of the Menos...."
by annoyingmouseman October 25, 2009
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