A really nice guy who is caring and very fun to talk to. Probabaly one of the only people you would love to rant to.However he can be crazy and viscous if someone makes him mad. He dose what he wants when he is angry. Be caution when to make vassell mad.
Oh no vassell is mad but a nice guy
by Johnnyblack277 March 13, 2017
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Strange creature of amazingly low intelligence. Lives in a place called whitchurch which is largely made up of mongs and also stinks of shit. Unfortunately diparius vassells are all homosexuals so they will die out within the next century. This will not be a bad thing though because they contribute nothing to the world other than bullshit about bands and songs they like. All in all diparius vassells are smelly cunts who should fuck off immediatley.
Look!!! a diparius vassell lets get away from it, we may catch its mongishness.
by Matt Atkin May 9, 2005
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