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A fan response to recent RP ideas to anything that resembles a idiotic yet successful and utterly amazing attempt at something. Similar to pulling a Leroy Jenkins , but doing so without the same yell. Only later looking at yourself in success and awe saying "Did I just have a Vascus moment?"

Sprung by the fan OC character of a Warhammer 40k RP, a Chaos Space Marine Warsmith by the name of Alexander Vascus. Who commonly gets himself in insane situations where the odds are never in his favor. Yet he happens to get lucky and succeed quite easily.

Thus doing anything insane, crazy, and most likely meaning your certain doom while laughing. Can be considered a "Vascus Moment."
People playing TF2 or other team based game.

We have 30 seconds!" *major charge and running into a death fest.*

Objective succeeded with a lone guy at the objective.*

"Did I just have a Vascus moment?
by Zossimus November 29, 2011
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