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Varn = cocaine. This word was developed by a group of 30-something degenerates in NYC that put their coke on a dresser and it turned blue from the varnish. Their code word spread across yuppies that frequented LES bars, vacationed at Ocean Beach at Ira's, and partied at Tom-E Blunt's den of disastet.
Have you got more varn?

When is the varn coming?
I did some varn in the bathroom during my family reunion.
I did all the varn, now I'm shivering in bed at 8am.
Varn is passé.
by Tom-E Blunt October 24, 2017
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Italian-American slang for white trash. It is usually used in reference to either the looks of a person or their home.
Did you see the McCormick's Aerostar van on cinder blocks in their front yard? They are so varn!
by turtlelove August 09, 2010
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