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Varleys Law of User Satisfaction simply states that the level of approbation you will receive for any IT work that you undertake is inversely proportional to the level of effort you put into it.
If you spend months working on a complex project and iron out all bugs - you'll get no more than a pat on the back.
On the other hand, knock a quick one off using a simple script and users will bow down before your awesomeness.
Roger had spent half his life perfecting the program and it was now complete, despite the breakup of two marriages, recurring alcoholism, a serious bout of OCD relating to the backslash key and a pathalogical fear of daylight but typical of Varley's Law, all his boss wanted to talk about was how cool the version of Minesweeper that Roger had made in Excel on his lunchbreak was.
by grom March 02, 2009
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