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A gangbang with certain requirements in order to be able to earn the term: Variety Show. These requirements must contain:

1). All persons involved in a variety show must have came from 3+ different ethnic backgrounds (Caucasian, African American , Mexican ) the + means other ethnicities that hops in the mix and joins the show. but variety show technically needs the anove posted ethnic backgrounds in attendance or it's just a good ol'regular old gangbang.

2). The Variety Show needs to be documented in video format by as many devices as possible but only one device is needed to record to earn the term Variety Show (pictures only don't count! Unless a video is already being recorded
3). Each ethnicity must take turns in no longer than a 1 minute each intervals with each other and needs to try to share if they are comfortable with this cuz remember sharing is caring and will make all feel special.

4 ). Variety Show must contain 6+ individuals and has no limit cap on maximum amount of individuals taking part.(but the above 3 ethnic backgrounds can make up for all 6 people randomly but as stated above requires all 3 ethnicities be present

If all the requirements are met then you know you have watched or preformed in your very own Variety Show experience and should be proud to pioneer this new Porn sub catagory.
1 ) hey I just experienced the most amazing crazy Variety Show I never could have dreamed up in a million sleeps.

2 ) damn that Vauety Show was the best i have seen so far this year I hope they start producing many more soon!

3) so I really want you to not judge me because I joined in on a Variety Show cuz you know it's the biggest new thing to do right?
by Trippin~FO20 August 22, 2015
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