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An open architecture video parody collaboration geared toward vaping enthusiasts. One creates a video within the storyline of apocalypse post cataclysmic destruction, and challenges 3 vaping friends to create a similar video. These videos are posted on Youtube or Facebook, and the story evolves as more videos are created. Electronic Cigarette culture and community calls the use of personal vaporizers 'Vaping'. The storyline for the Vapepocalypse is as follows: Big Tobacco created a virus to force everybody to be a smoker or die. But the plan went awry and the virus escaped, killing 90% of the world population. Now only Smokers and Vapers survive in a world with no manufacturing and only resources available are from pre outbreak. Smokers seek to capture vapers and enslave them to make them do all the ordinary work that a society needs done. So when you do your video, you challenge 3 friends who must also do a video or donate $10 to CASAA. It's the #Vapepocalypse Advocacy Challenge. It is intended to be viral, fun, funny, and effective. But will take many creative and funny people to make this work. Quest4vape does not own this, only the instigator of a creative project.
I just completed a Vapepocalypse video and posted it to Youtube.
by Quest4vape August 08, 2015
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