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A character played by faze rain ( Nordan Shat) on his youtube channel where he wears a white polo robe, sunglasses, a pornhub hat and hits fat clouds. This came about because he bought a vape a few days before, and his name is nordan. Nord is short for nordan.
Sick Dude #1: Yoooo have you seen FaZe Rains new video?
Sick Dude #2: No why
Sick Dude #1: He did another vape lord nord vid where he went to vapecon
Sick Dude #2: Fezu apec
by charliehardinlmao November 17, 2016
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What you call someone who vapes literally all the time. A person who cannot leave their house without their vape. They constantly have clouds coming out of their mouth and might also be doing tricks with their clouds.
Max: Wanna hit my vape?
Carly: No thanks, Vape Lord Nord.
by chiefly your info September 25, 2017
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