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Vannie- the most amazing girl you can ever meet. She is gorgeous and is always there for you. She's a dick sometimes but she's still the best person you can ever know. Her smile will make your smile. Her eyes you can get lost in. Her nose is crooked but it's still sexy as fuck. Vannie is a total tease. Vannie is not scared to show who she is and does not care what people think of her. She will tease you hard but you will know she's kidding with you. Vannie has everything you want in a girl. Her looks are the best that you will ever see and her personality is also amazing. She's short which makes her so fucking cute. If you have the pleasure of meeting Vannie don't fuck it up cause she's a real nigga. She will also friend zone you...
Andrew: Vannie you look great
Vannie: thanks your such a good FRIEND
by Big Pappi 99 August 18, 2015
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