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She's definitely different, different in a good way.. the best way. Usually shy and quiet. But once you know her you will never forget her from her amazing personality. She's hilarious, thoughtful, compassionate, sweet, intelligent, and absolutely stunning (even though she says she isn't). She has been through so much in life, but manages to always have a smile on her face. She'll brighten up your day, even if she can't brighten hers. Vannaline is like a puzzle, hard to solve. Only wanting you to learn more about her. Although, she has her "blonde moments" at times, you can't help but to love her. She's POOP your pants sexsay. You can't help but to smile every time you see her.
"Damn, who that?!"

"Oh. That's just Vannaline."
by ADVENTURE TIME! :D <3 February 26, 2012
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