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French verb, that can also be used in english.
Van-Lyrer consists in kissing at least two unknown guys or girls during a party, and then leave with third unknown person of the opposite sex.

To Van-Lyre perfectly, the person with whom you leave with should invite you to his place, which is not within 100km radius of your home or work location. Finally, the performer should be at work on time the next morning, as if nothing happened.
John: Have you seen Kate last night? I saw her very briefly while she was kissing with some unknown asian guy!

Robert: Well, yes i did see her, but she was kissing some black guy at around 2AM...

Tom: Haha, well i did see her leave with some guy that certainly isnt one of those two guys. Hopefully she was on time this morning!

Robert : Yep... what a perfect way to Vanlyrer.
by DJChronik October 04, 2010
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