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A character on the tv series, Gossip Girl.

Totally pointless, and one of the most-hated characters. Hails from Brooklyn, and is known for developing crushes on the main male characters on the show even though she's supposed to be "independent" and "cool".

She's not even a bitch, because bitches are too good for her. Spends most of her time being in loooove with Nate Archibald.

A very pointless character. All she brings into the show is boredom, stupid drama (not even the good kind), and a lot of:
Vanessa: Should I call him? Ohmigawsh, he's such a hawtie, and I'm like, not supposed to fall in love with him but I DID and I don't wanna sound desperate even though I am but should I call him??????
Jenny: /facepalm/
Girl 1: Dude, Gossip Girl last night would've rocked if Vanessa didn't ruin it.

Girl 2: Ew, Vanessa Abrahms is such a fucking pointless bitch.
by hatredislove June 23, 2009
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