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She's insane and really crazy! She's funny and outgoing, she loves sports and listens to music daily. She sleeps a lot and is disorganized.

She opens her mouth a lot and likes to tease her friends.

She doesn't care what others think about her, and does her best in school.

She's not shy but she does try to avoid boys.
She doesn't know how it feels to like someone.

She hates making eye contact so she looks away when she is talking to someone.
An example of her trying to avoid would be:
Vaneet: -heads out to get something for someone-
Person: -walking-
Vaneet & Person: -almosts run into eachother-

Vaneet: -makes a weird face and stops-
Person: -continue walking-
Vaneet: -walks like nothing happened-


Friends & Vaneet: -clapping as introducing a group of boys-
Boy Group: -say hello and talk-
Vaneet: -claps but steps a few centimeters away-
by LmfaoHannah March 03, 2017
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- extra af
- gets scared easily (very easily)
- annoys her friends

- forgets what to say
- sleeps a lot
- likes to mimic close friends

- loses games on purpose (then acts like she feels bad about it)
- people will assume she’s mad when she’s not
- speaks her mind
- very honest
“Loses games on purpose

- Game starts -
Vaneet: Fake falls

- Everyone watches -
Vaneet: Gets up and says “what a pity” walks away.
by LmfaoHannah October 06, 2017
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- very clumsy
- meme of the group
- speaks her mind
- enjoys listening to rappers
- acts like a child
- anxiety
- loves food
- enjoys making fun of her friends

- makes a lot of puns
- sleeps 25/8
- weirdest friend you’ll ever meet
- 50% stupid 50% smart
- really extra

- easily scared
- lazy half of the time
Vaneet: - dabs -

Her friend: “...” - walks away -

Vaneet: - smiles -
by stopaskingmequestions November 30, 2017
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