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A vehicle stop typical of Vancouverites, whereby the driver pulls into an intersection behind other vehicles and cannot clear the intersection by the time the light turns red. This typically happens when the driver thinks that traffic on the other side of the intersection will clear before the light turns red. A driver that stops in the crosswalk or in the intersection itself is guilty of the Vancouver stop. Vancouver stops do not usually occur at intersections where right of way is not given by at least one set of lights.

The Vancouver stop is the cousin of the "California stop", whereby a driver does not stop their vehicle completely at a red light or stop sign, and instead "roll stops". The difference is that a Vancouver stop does not typically occur at stop signs, and does involve a complete stop of the vehicle, rather than a roll stop.
"The light turned green, but I couldn't go through because some asshole Vancouver stopped right in the middle of the intersection!"

"The guy in the big truck Vancouver stopped in the crosswalk, and couldn't move when traffic had cleared because pedestrians kept walking in front of his vehicle."
by hippiechann December 26, 2017
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