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Vanchhit means one's desires or wishes. According to Hindu religious texts like the Mahabharata, Ramayana and the Vedas, many gods have often used the word 'Man (Hindi for heart)-vanchhit fal' meaning the desired wishes. It is used very often in religious worships conducted by Hindus. For example, the aarti (worship song)- "Jai Jagadish Hare" features the word Vanchhit. Very commonly used with 'man', it is a very uncommon word and is attributed to being an important word while chanting 'shlokas'. It is also a Hindu name for a boy child, though very uncommon is often confused with 'Vanchit' meaning the lack of a particular thing. Though a person with the name Vanchhit cannot be judged by the name, but they usually have been known to have space-high 'Vanchhits'!
He got his wish fulfilled. Wow, that means he got his "vanchhit" fulfilled.
(Vanchhit can be replaced by manvanchhit).
(P.S. It is more common as a name than as a part of an English sentence.)
by VanSCurien May 02, 2018
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