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The sensitive, much-beleaguered, long-haired school teacher from Beavis and Butthead. His efforts to seamlessly integrate a hippie sensibility while taking on the role of the modern school teacher/authority figure could often lead to interesting consequences.

Mr. Van Driessen, as his students called him, sometimes tried to inspire them and enrich their learning experience through the use of song, which often seemed to lead him into some kind of trouble. He wrote such campfire tunes as "Men Have Feelings, Too" and "Touch a Mountain".

During one field trip, the students were becoming restless during the bus ride so he decided to calm them down with a performance of the second song mentioned, which became sadly prophetic as the bus driver made a, shall we say, confidently sudden stop and Mr. Van Driessen and his guitar were thrown mid-song through the windshield of the school bus and down a treacherous cliff.

He was later recovered by medics and brought up by helicopter although unfortunately not escaping many cuts and bruises brought on from the 100 ft+ descent.
Mr. Van Driessen asked the students to sit in a circle in a group exercise to help them to appreciate and respect each other's feelings.
by Eponymous Bosch November 14, 2004
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