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A douche bad kid who thinks its fun to dress in black. They are straight-A preppy retards who think its cool to vaguely dress like a goth kid. They can be seen meeting in the woods listening to hannah montana under the full moon drinking a red liquid (not blood) in a chalice of some sort. They try to be dark but usually end up making goth kids look bad.
Goth: Hey is that kid trying to be goth?!?
Other goth: No hes "Vamp"
Goth: ...douche.
Vampire kid: Hey light up guys were just as dark as you maybe even DARKER.
Goth kid: Do you even smoke??
Vamp kid: No of course not smoking is bad for you!!!
Goth kid: *slams head on table*
by Pan!c December 22, 2008
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A subculture similar to goth. Members are usually dark outsiders in society, which is why they identify with vampires, who are also dark outsiders. Usually dress in black with hints of neon colours.
I'm a vampire kid! I don't fit in anywhere, but maybe the vamps will understand meh
by Chazza2121 March 17, 2015
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