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Mother fucking bad asses ,Vampires are the creatures of the night and will do any freaking thing they please, and will suck blood from their victim,their weaknesses are Garlic, A steak trough the heart and Sunlight,Dracula was and will forever will be the original vampire, and Wesley Snipes?well lets just call him another badass motherfucker not afraid of daylight, and has movies that are Freaking Hardcore ,A.K.A BLADE,and also the Lost boys are freaking awesome, especially Kiefer Sutherland. None of these sound like T word with sparkly Vegetaripires or should i said Vaginapires, that so called movie and book doesn't even derserve to be in here with badass vampires that kick edwards Fucking ass any day!!!

Give me A Hell yeah and thumbs up if you agree!

and if not, then your just another crybaby ass twilight Fan
VampiЯe are the KreatuЯes of the night, 'nuff said
by FatalNightmareX13 July 16, 2009
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