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A Vampawolf is a mythical creature that has the characteristics of both Vampires and Werewolves put together.

They are the offspring from a werewolf and a vampire or a vampire and a werewolf.

When they bite humans they will also turn into Vampawolves without the sexual contact.

Only humans with strong enough will power to evolve will adapt to the venom a Vampawolf empowers you with in their bite. Weaker humans will suffer the effects from the poison and die.

They hunt alone but kill like a wolf.

They have the ability to change into any living organism.

They hunger for blood as an instinct of the Vampire, they do not need it and can survive without it.

They are fast creatures with high intelligence.

The Full Moon engages their power but does not force them to change into a wolf. (Their power is at its strongest when the full moon occurs)

Their number 1 life form is Human and will always appear Human during the day.

The Sun weakens their ability to shape-shift but they are not scared of daylight.

Their supernatural powers fail to work in the day but that does not affect their Vampire instincts.

Powers work at night but gain in strength when moon light touches them.
Vampires are evolved mortals.

Werewolves are bitten humans from evolved wolves.

So a Vampawolf is the baby of a Vampire and a Werewolf

Vampawolves = Human, Wolf, Werewolf, and Vampire DNA.
by Jase Lee - Story Writer September 02, 2010
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