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The Division II UGA of South Georgia. The team mascot is a blazer although you will find more UGA and UF apparel across campus. It may also be referred to as the UGA of South Georgia considering the lack of any universities. The campus is composed of 3 types of people: The Rich & Dumb from the Atlanta area, Hicks from surrounding counties, and then the people born and raised in Valdosta. No matter how large the school grows it will never reach a large popularity due it being in a high school football community... the football team plays in a high school football stadium even though they have some DII National Championships.
Bill: "You going to the game this Saturday?"
Bob: "Maybe,who the Valdosta State University Blazers playing?"
Bill: "North Alabama, should be a good game"
Bob: "Sounds like it, what time?"
Bill: "1pm"
Bob: "Dang, can't make it. The UGA game is on at that time"

Fred: "Dude, you gonna hook up with that girl?"
Mike: "Man a 1/3 of the girls here have STD's, no thanks."
by oMowl87 February 18, 2011
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