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Valakar (n.) - 1. Wiping a world of warcraft raid because you tried to run away during a boss fight and save a repair bill.

(adj.) Male WoW player with an effeminate voice and complete lack of balls. Constantly whining about loot, asking to get their scrub alts in a raid, qq'ing about how every other class but theirs is overpowered and the only reason they ever lose an arena match is due to bad luck and RNG.

The epitomy of failure of cognition. To be unable to process logical thought. To speak in a monotone voice that sounds like a pedophile.
ex: You fucking valakar, way to run our like a pansy during illidan before we called a wipe and enrage the elementals.

ex: Daman's such a valakar, all he does is bitch about RNG stuns.
by William Justus Henderson III February 07, 2009
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