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Vajaimie is the term used to refer to a large vagina. This term is specific to the actual diameter of the vagina. Generally speaking, it is not a desirable anatomical feature to possess. When a woman does have a vajaimie, it is in her best interest to avoid mentioning of this until absolutely necessary. Women inflicted with Vajaimie should also make a point of seeking well-endowed men, as it is the only way to satisfy their needs, and these men may be somewhat okay with her vagina size. Although it carries a negative connotation, there are some men with specific interests who may find the vajaimie appealing.
That girl has a vajaimie!

We were fooling around until I realized she had a vajaimie...then I lost all interest.

She's like throwing a hot dog down a hallway, I mean she really has a vajaimie!
by Bifman April 23, 2007
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