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Constant, inane updates about every social move in someones life. Normally undertaken by those with a over zealous view of their own importance in others lives, or by those that realize their life is meaningless and try to buy social cred with ex school mates by these constant updates. Names and places mentioned are normally linked to profiles of people/bars/events.
Vain Booking:"**so excited** that I'm meeting Melanie and Quincy at the LimeBar tonight to drink VodkaSparklyBlues."

Translation: I'm still single, and so are my friends, we are going to get shitfaced where lawyers our Dads age hang out in the hope of getting me a sugar daddy.

Vain Booking:"Had the best lunch with Princess and Pony at UberCafe and had a Goats Ball Salad with lychees and a glass of Snotts Hill Riesling."

Translation: I have no class and my boyfriend/husband can't stand to be seen with my vapid ass in public, so me and my Jimmy Choo wearing sistas make each other feel important every Friday for lunch.
by Apostater November 09, 2010
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V- The action in which one purposefully puts themselves down on a major networking site to gain adverse reactions from their peers.
Person A(types): I am so fat, I can hardly fit myself in my new prom dress.... :'-(

Person B(types as a comment): Aww no, you are sooo thin and beautiful!!!

Person C(types as a comment): No, you're fatter than Santa Claus on the day after Christmas. Now stop vainbooking.
by LaReinadelasPalabras February 21, 2010
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The act of posting status on Facebook and constantly refreshing your profile to see how many people comment on it.
"Did you see Joe yesterday? He was vainbooking again. That guy is so full of himself."
by flagusco February 04, 2010
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