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A phonetic spelling of the French word "vagine" (vagina), first pioneered by a Montreal born Chartered Accountant Ricky N. It is most commonly used to describe a guy behaving in an unmanly like fashion. This word is a close substitute for the word "pussy" and they can be used interchangeably.

A second most prominent usage refers to female genitalia and was greatly popularized in the Montreal area by Elo the Soviet due to his inherent sick Russian accent. The expression gained much popularity amongst the English speakers of the Montreal area due to the versatility of the word and the bilingual nature of the region and was even featured on the /b/ forum as the "word of the day".
Example 1:
- Where is big D?
- I don't think he is coming tonight, he has some vahzheen commitment.

- Maybe we should just call him big V.

Example 2:
- I just had a nice little breakfast; a nice little sandwich with a glass of orange juice without pulp. I hate pulp. I don't understand how people drink their orange juice with pulp. Why the hell would people want to eat their beverage?!
- Iossif, don't be such a fucking vahzheen, just shut up and buy your deodorant already.

Example 3:
- Are you coming to the party tonight?
- No, I don't feel like it, I'm just gonna stay home and do nothing.
- Come on filip, let's go get some vahzheen.
by LeGreat January 23, 2011
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