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(n.)- The unwritten code of all man hating, glass ceiling preaching, penis envious women who are secretly controlling all of the thoughts and actions of modern day society. Through the use of multiple mediums they have convinced middle class women in first world countries that they are being abused and should fight off the horrible indecencies imposed on them by every man who has ever tried to be involved in their life. As a result of their indoctrination, a generation of effeminate men have been raised to hate themselves and bow to the all powerful matriarchs.
q: Have you read the latest book from Oprah's Book club?

a: No, I don't condone the great O's vagispiracy. The girls from the View and her should spend some time in a airtight garage with a running car if you ask me...
by ReformedYankee May 19, 2009
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