(1). Any woman who uses executive powers (government or non-government) to preference women over men in areas of crisis help, education, mental illness services, services for the homeless, family law, government funding, school or university placements, and health.

(2). A women who simply believes in such preferential treatment, without necessarily having executive power to effect public policy.

(3). A feminist, or feminist sympathizer


(1). The practices of a vaginocrat

The vaginocrat announced new government policy that males should by default always be investigated as perpetrators of notified child abuse before women and mothers. This because males are the stronger, more violent sex.

The vaginocrat established a new law stating that since men are rarely the victims of violence, all 900 national domestic violence shelters must intake only women.

By awarding child custody to women in 90% of disputed cases Family Courts are indulging in vaginocratic practices.

My vaginocrat wife insists I should be the primary breadwinner and provide for her even though we don't have any children to care for. She says only deadbeat men refuse to pay for their wives needs.
by Jonah got swallowed January 8, 2009
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