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One whose villany towards vaginas is surpassed only by his fondling fervor for the fallopian freeway. This man knows how to spread the bees knees and please without fees. When he walks down the street he can blow even the tightest pies wide open with his other-worldly and downright demonic charm. A woman could be head over heels, hysterically humping her honorable husband, but if this man so much as pelvic-thrusts within a 28-mile radius she will immediately dismount and frantically search for the source of such sexual stimulation; inevitably pouncing on him and demanding the ransacking of her ravenous ravine.
Girl 1: ....OMG!


Girl 1: ....yeah...there must be evil forces at work here...

Girl 2: you mean...*gulp* a vaginal villain?

Girl 1: ....might be....either way, hang on to your pussy girlfriend, this is going to be one crazy night....
by B.D. Joe October 10, 2010
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