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1. When you shove foreign objects up your vagina at the grocery store. Said items cause the vagina to overheat, crush shit and make cookies.
2.When a infected vagina is so warm it can bake cookies.

3.Vagina fever- when a vagina reaches hot temperatures. May be caused by exploding cans, having a tampon in for a long period of time, being overly horny, etc
1. Famished after contracting vagina fever following a rigorous sex act, I stuck cookie dough in my vagina to bake a quick snack.
2.After visiting the store, she mysteriously collapsed. Assuming it was vagina fever, paramedics examined her and removed 15 pieces of make-up from her vaginal and anal cavities.
3.I was at the grocery store and was horny as fuck so I shoved a cookie dough can up my Pussy not knowing I had vagina fever so it baked the cookies
by GGGu March 28, 2016
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