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The vagina fairys are the farys who live in my vagina, They have built a city in all 15 of them, Saddly 3 of the vaginas were destroyed because of zombies, :(

Vagina fairys #12345 got and A* in the it's GCSE SCIENCE
We are very proud.

Where as vagina fairy #23454 got a F we disowned him.

But the rest go and attack people and kill them from the inside, They enter through the toe nails.

They also through shoes at people ¬.¬ Evil basterds

But it's mostly their "Home" what is evil ^_^
Look at the Vagina Fairys =D
by disnuvcdsv June 19, 2010
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1. The visit many men pray for after having sex without birth control.

2. The single worst 3+ days of a man's month (also for the women I guess)

3. Kinda like the tooth fairy, but has bigger teeth and smells like low tide

4. The visit women pray for after making a mistake(with the guy from definition #1) while drunk the other night.

5. I could go on forever
Guy: So has the Vagina fairy come yet?

Girl: No I'm late 2 weeks

"Your mom's the Vagina fairy"

So when does your visit from the Vigina Fairy end?

by Buenafe, A August 24, 2007
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