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The sweet, sweet nectar milked from a plump vagina. The characteristically salty dew is often milked from a tasty looking snoot snout into a gravy boat.

Typically, at this point you would bathe your tasty, tasty meat chunks in the brine in order to maximise the vulva sensation and whiten teeth.

Not to be confused with pickled coupons.
"I can't believe Maurice Miller said my Vagina Brine was bitter and bland, he knows for a fact that my juice is the spiciest and most succulent in all the fire station!"

"The man with Vagina Brine in his moustache has some very nice trousers, I wonder if he'd trade them for my pointy axe that is brown?" Asked Jenny Cuntingham.

My penis feels very soft after soaking in your Vagina Brine.
by Gary Berghoff! November 14, 2008
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