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Any extended absence in the sexual career of a virile, heterosexual male in order to achieve peace of mind, recover from an STD, unplanned pregnancy, or emotional breakdown. An elective rest or hiatus, often lasting from two months to a year from having sex with multiple female partners. A Vaggatical is elective and does not count if erectile disfunction is involved, or if the guy simply cannot get laid.
I was sleeping with five different women during the same two month period when I realized they were all crazy bitches... I was at a party and four of them were there when I realized it was time to take a Vaggatical.
by Topher Demps October 17, 2010
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When a girl takes a break from her exhausting sexual schedule for the purpose of reflection, rest, and refreshment. A sexual sabbatical for the vagina.
"I'm tired of these sluts. They all need to go on vaggatical and let those pussies rest!"

"Girlfriend, you've been getting around too much. From one sister to another, you need to go on vaggatical."
by 15083San January 17, 2013
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