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First you take boiling water and pour it on her meat curtains to tenderize. Then you fist fuck her to loosen her up. You then hook jumper cables to her cunt and pull it wide. Spread your Asshole and drop a huge diarrhea shit into her snatch. Shove a sewer rat into her cunt, and then cut off her pussy lips with a rusty axe. Make her lick the blood off the axe. While the blood is flowing hook up the attached jumper cables to a battery and cauterize her bloody cunt closed. Take the axe and begin to slice open her brown eye. Take a power nap. Use a drill and bore a hole through her ass to her snatch. Rip open her cunt. Pour margarita mix into her ass and let it drain through the whole till it drips out her pussy. Drink up. Take the shit covered drip and rip a hole through her cheeks. By now you have the biggest, stiffest, moist chode. Pork the cheek hole till you nut through the other cheek hole. Take another power nap. You then fill her vagina with motor oil, lighting it on fire and searing her snatch. (Beware; the motor oil will be dripping out of the butthole due to the drill hole. so watch your feet) Then you dip your meat stick in butter, roll it in frosted flakes. You then force your tube steak into the flaming gold mine, deep frying your one eyed trouser snake. then thrust it deep in her throat, causing her to barf on your crispy deep fried chode meat. Stuff the remaining puke chunks in her fur burger, thus sealing the hole connecting the glory cave and the poop chute.
"What did you and John do for yalls anniversary?" " He took me to a candle lit dinner on the shore. He suprised me with the Vag Degreaser. It was so romantic."
by State Line Fist Fight January 27, 2010
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