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When you look at a scene/lifestyle that is largely dominated by unoriginality, imitation and complacency, there is always a desire that grows stronger to pull away from that constant and represent the scene/lifestyle in a new light. This light is one that makes many of the ever-present unchanging elements of the lifestyle seem to fade or become obsolete. It is in this tract where Vaded Mob was born.

To stand out, you have to be as bold as you can be. Vaded Mob would arise to be that bold representation of the lifestyle that in turn would make those less daring fade out. Vaded Mob stands for being original, being different and being memorable. Vaded Mob exists to be a positive force that inspires, motivates and pushes not only our members but everyone involved in this lifestyle, as well as the lifestyle itself. It is for this reason also, that we like to look at the word “Vaded” in a different light. One in which it stands to represent a brand that is put together well, and is of higher quality and standard.

Vaded (adj.) of higher quality and higher standard

Each of our members have an affinity for the minute details, positive attitudes, positive influence and a community of individuals that hold each other to a higher standard. This resonates throughout Vaded Mob and is represented through each of our builds and each of the individuals that represent the brand.
Vaded Mob: Wolf of All Streets
by xanthonyx March 14, 2017
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