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VaAdDaA is a sexy human she is beautiful inside and out, she can say she is ugly and fat but she is none of them, I'm proud to be her Bestfriend because I can look at her and she puts a smile on my face. I couldn't ask for a better Bestfriend that I can tell everything to, she is trustworthy and I know she won't judge me, that's important in a friend, the one thing you will hate is the distance but life is unfair sometimes, you can't have everything you want in the world unfortunately. she puts you at ease when youre stressed or upset. If you ever meet a VaAdDaA, never let her go because you are the most luckiest human in the world, she is honest and not afraid to tell the truth, she is kind but not afraid to stand up for herself when she needs to, she is beautiful and unique. She means the world to me, It is truly amazing that one person can change your whole life, one complete stranger turns into your Bestfriend, it's crazy how love works isn't it? yes she will piss you off but all the best friends do.
I can't Imagine my world without her, she completes it.
VaAdDaA is a unique person wow why can't I be her
by Kasven June 14, 2018
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