A word for people who are too pussy to say vagina
I'm a scared 11 year old, so I say Va-jay-jay
by Auri Sylla October 19, 2019
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another name for a girls vagina
abby and laura send pictures of their va-jay-jays because they’re friends with benefits!
by Noahs sister March 21, 2018
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Is a noun in short for The Vagina,vagina. American slang verb. In polite company, a lady or gentleman may use the word instead of pussy, cunt, cookie or other slangisms to deduce the vaginal area.
Her dress was so thin we all could see her vajayjay.
by Shaazzam July 11, 2018
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Vajayjay is slang for vagina. Also could be Vijay or Vajay, sometimes vijayay.
Example: β€œMommy why is there blood coming from my Vajayjay?” or β€œAlice’s vajayjay was so tight, it was like banging a virgin”
by Bad Advice Alice June 08, 2019
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aka: vagina pussy beaver pinkcanoe clitoris beardedclam wiskerbisquits snatch snapper hoo-hoo pie twat clit catchersmitt box looselips vagenie V labia cunt cameltoe mooseknuckle
girl1: he texted heyyy
girl2: Oh, he wants your va jayjay
by zany1@ifunny August 18, 2018
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