A legendary vagina. Said to fit a hundred cocks at once, and heal wounds with its magical menstral juice. One can only hope to obtain this great vagina through a dungeon full of trials and tribulation, found in Samuel L Jackson's basement.
I will one day hope to stick my big cock into the great Va Jay Jay
by Standford August 14, 2006
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A woman's pleasure dome. About a foot and a half below her lovely lady lumps and around the corner from her hump.
Mommy Timmy said babies come from your vajayjay, but I told him he was wrong, they come from the stork.
by Vanessa :) May 07, 2006
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First used in "Grey's Anatomy", "Oprah", and "The View". They were all made fun of on a show called "The Soup". Oh, and it means vagina for the wimps who can't even try to say it.
Girl: I hate having my period 'cause then my va jay jay hurts.

Guy: Wimp....
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The passage between a woman's outer sexual organs and her uterus. Vagina.
Britney likes showing her vajayjay to the public.
by Patsy28 September 21, 2007
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slang for vagina, vay jay jay is usually used by Opera, and i like da vajayjay, mmmmhummm. i got one!
My Va jay jay be painin!
by Dr. Yo Mamma Phil February 17, 2008
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Oprah Winfrey's nickname of choice for her vagina. Originating on The Oprah Winfrey show & then reused years later on Grey's Anatomy by Dr. Bailey.
"O'Malley, Stop looking at my vajayjay!"
by Priscilla G December 01, 2007
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